FTC – Crestwood – 2012-09-11


Main Issues Questions Max Points
Rings to pegs What type of robot movement is   needed? Speed, Force? How many motors are needed?
How do you align robot up with pegs?
Are there ways that the robot could be less procise?
Which spot has best value?
How to change levels of arm?
How to pick up ring from dispensor?
How to let go of ring?
Lift robot Assume that last years robot is   what you are trying to lift.
How would you build a robot to lift last years robot?
The goal is 24 inches high, start with 1 inches. Need to control center of Mass, most robots will be lopsided because of arm.
How to handle center of mass?
24 inches = 30 + 5×23 =   145
12 inches = 30 + 5×11 = 85
Multiplier How to determine heavier ring? 660*.2=132
Place ring on peg during autonomous How do you align robot up with pegs? 50
Blocking Is it worth blocking (Stopping in a position) to minimize scoring?