East Kentwood High School Homecoming Festival

We will be at the East Kentwood Homecoming Festival on September 25th from 4:30 to 6:30. We will be demoing the Recycle Rush Robot from last year, as well as the Frisbee Shooter. The address to the high school is 6230 Kalamazoo Ave, Kentwood, MI 49508.  When entering from the Kalamazoo entrance you will come to a 3 way stop, turn right at that stop sign and go straight back.  You will see the entrance to the baseball/softball complex on your right. If by chance mother nature decides to change her mind about the weather, the event will take place inside our field house and small gym. Come out and support your local School, and help us raise funds for some of the East Kentwood High School sports teams.

2014-2015 Robot

2014-2015 Team Mentors

Dan Boy – Head Coach

Wendy Ljungren – Lead Mentor, GE Aviation Systems, Chief Consulting Engineer
Adam Veendaal – Mentor, GE Aviation Systems, Engineer / Technologist
Rob Meyer – Mentor, Randstad
Dennis Behrens – Mentor, GE Aviation Systems, UNIX System Administrator

2014-2015 Team Members



Blog 2015

Key Principles for the Robot


  • modular
  • low robot
  • bottom stacker, be able to stack at least 3 totes
  • task priorities: 1st- totes, 2nd- litter & bins, 3rd- placing litter in bins


  1. forklift
    • pulley
    • rack & pinion
  2. clamp using pneumatics
  3. 4WD: front & rear
  4. open front
  5. long & narrow
  6. center master < 6″



Blog is now by Sub-Teams

Sub-team Tasks:
1) Pulley System for Main Lift
2) Rack and Pinion for Main Lift
3) Rack and Pinion for Grip
4) Pneumatics for Grip
5) Claw/clamp for Grip
6) Plastic tines for lip like the video
7) Kit of parts frame
8) Base extensions

1/17 –
Parents field build.

1/5 –

Sub-team task list:

• How many CIM motors to lift 100 lb.
• 2 vs. 4 wheel drive or can we use 2 non-CIM for the drive train
• What is needed to make modular bases to plug in different
• Can the electrical system support 6 CIMS + X motors running  simultaneous?


1/4 –

First Prototype:

Current Designs:

Robot Design #4

Pictures of the day:

Videos of the day:

Human player pool noodle scoring:

Loading and lifting: (81 seconds in)

1/3 –



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