Competition Schedule

2011 Competitions for our team

March 17-19 – West Michigan District at GVSU Allendale campus

March 24-26 – Niles District at Niles High School

April 7-9 – State Finals at Eastern Michigan

Competition Information

The FIRST competition has a comprehensive set of rules that team members should be familiar with. Read them HERE.

Every so often, FIRST will also publish amendments to the rules, known as “team updates”. Read them HERE.

The basic premise of this year’s game, “LogoMotion”, is to put inflatable tubes on a rack to score points. The first 15 seconds are autonomous, and involve putting yellow “UberTubes” on the rack. The majority of the game consists of putting triange, circle, and square tubes representing the FIRST logo on the rack. Finally, with 10 seconds to go, the robots release their Minibots; small autonomous robots that race to the top of poles for a point bonus! The 3-team Alliance with the most points wins!


General resources:

Official U.S. FIRST website –

You can access the FIRST rules for this year’s game on the website here.

FIRST in Michigan –

More resources on: Chief Delphi


Teams that are giving us aid and guidance:

Code Red 2771 –

Enigma 2075 – West Catholic High School –

Demons 858 – Wyoming schools –

Students 2010-2011


KaleeName: Kalee

Job: Programming, Electrical

Position: Robot Captain, Driver

AjeneName: Ajene

Job: Head of Marketing

Position: Management Captain, Scouter


BenName: Ben

Job: Marketing, Graphics

Positon: Graphic Designer

CodyName: Cody

Job: Mechanical, Fabrication

Position: Pit Crew

ZachName: Zach

Job: Programming, Electrical

Position: Pit Crew

ChadName: Chad

Job: Programming, Electrical

Position: Pit Crew

EdisName: Edis

Job: Fabrication, Mechanical

Position: Human Player, Pit Crew

AlmirName: Almir

Job: Fabrication, Mechanical

Position: Pit Crew

KaylaName: Kayla

Job: Marketing, Documentation

Position: Human Player, Scouter

Name: David
Job: Mechanical, Fabrication
Position: Mini-bot leader

AmonName: Amon

Job: Marketing

Position: T-shirt/Banner

JackName: Jack

Job: Marketing, Spirit

Position: Driver

ColinName: Colin

Job: Fabrication, Mechanical

Position: Arm/Gripper

DylanName: Dylan

Job: Fabrication, Mechanical

Position: Arm/Gripper

AbeName: Abe

Job: Marketing, Logo

DavionName: Davion

Job: Marketing, Logo

RudyName: Rudy

Job: Documentation, Marketing, Spirit

DaoName: Dao

Job: Marketing

NickName: Nick

Job: Marketing

CiaranName: Ciaran

Job: Rules

SteveName: Steve

Job: Programming, Electrical

AustinName: Austin

Job: Fabrication, Mechanical

JamesName: James

Job: Mini-Bot

MelloName: Mello

Job: Fabrication, Mechanical

BenName: Ben

Job: Mini-bot

AliName: Ali

Job: Mechanical, Fabrication

Mentors 2010-2011

SmithName: Randy Smith, East Kentwood High School Instructor IshaanName: Ishaan Sandhu, GE Aviation Systems of Grand Rapids JerryName: Jerry
StutzmanName: Dave Stutzman, Relevant Networks and Wireless Tech Solutions StengrenName: Chris Stengren, East Kentwood High School Instructor CrippsName: Mike Cripps, SolidWorks
LjungrenName: Wendy Ljungren, GE Aviation Systems of Grand Rapids HuizengaName: Dan Huizenga, GE Aviation Systems of Grand Rapids ChatloshName: Brian Chatlosh, Die-Tech and Engineering
mentorName: Len Logsdon, Auto Control volunteerName: Tarrance Price, D.A. Blogett-St. John Name: Mike Blair, GE Aviation Systems of Grand Rapids
Name: Gina Smith, Crestwood Middle School Instructor    
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