Rover Ruckus Kick Off

On September 9th, Red Storm FTC will be meeting at our new build space at 8:20am, and leaving shortly thereafter for GVSU.  There we will have chassis build workshops and watch this year’s challenge streamed across the world at the same time.

We plan on being back to our build space around 3:30pm.

If you haven’t seen the teaser, check it out here:


FIRST Steamworks Kickoff

This is what we’ve been waiting for ever since the first teaser came out on September 20th, 2016 at 7pm Eastern.

The FRC build season, which officially kicks off on Saturday, January 7, begins the 6 weeks of intense design, build and iteration. We will be attending kickoff at GVSU’s Pew Engineering Campus, downtown Grand Rapids Saturday January 7 from around 8am until about 5pm.

Details about the game thus far, and special DLC packs are available at:

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