High School FRC Informational Meeting

Greetings Red Storm high school students, parents, and friends,

We will start the high school FIRST robotics sessions on Thursday, September 9 from 6:30-8:00p with an informational meeting at the Red Storm Robotics build site (EK Freshman campus back/north entrance).  This will be an opportunity to learn more about FIRST, Red Storm Robotics, our Fall sessions, and plans for the 2021-2022 RAPID REACTION build/competitions.  We will cap off the event with ice cream sundaes for all!  Please bring face masks for our indoor activities, as per KPS guidelines.

If you are interested in the team, please complete the information form (even if you have been the team before or can/can’t make Thursday’s meeting).

We have our first off-season competition on Sunday, September 19 at Kettering University.  This is a great chance for people who are interested in robotics and robot driving to try their hand at it.  If you have a chance, please have your parents register you for the team #3875 now, so you can join us.

We look forward to seeing you!

Wendy & Adam

2021 Summer Robotics Camp

Red Storm Robotics is excited to announce our 2021 summer program from July 26-29. All middle and high school students for the upcoming school year are welcome and no experience is necessary. Meetings will be 6:00-8:00 PM over four days (Monday-Thursday) at our team meeting and build space in the East Kentwood Freshman Campus. The camp offers a beginner-friendly opportunity to build and program a simple working robot in a small group in just a few days and test it out in a friendly competition with other groups. Skills from this camp are useful, though not required, for any students interested in joining our middle and high school teams in the fall/winter (while all students are welcome at our summer camp, team membership is currently limited to Kentwood Public Schools students).

To sign up for our mailing list and RSVP for the camp, please fill out this form. If the form doesn’t work, or you have any other questions, email coach@redstormrobotics.com. Our team space is on the back side of the Freshman Campus (not the main entrance/parking lot). The EKHS complex has had major renovations to its roads/parking lots which are unfortunately not yet shown in most map apps. From the Kalamazoo Avenue entrance, drive past the main high school building and freshman campus, turn right onto Transportation Drive and then another right turn (through the woods, after a Pinewood Middle School parking lot). From 60th Street, Transportation Drive will be on your left past the middle school, then take the same right turn. Our door has a sidewalk up to it and will be clearly marked.

2019 FRC Sponsors

At Red Storm, we are very proud of all our sponsors. Sponsors have supported our team by providing resources, money, and various services for the team.  We value all our sponsors to the highest degree!

To help differentiate sponsorship levels, for FRC we decided to use the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale.

Interested in becoming a sponsor?

Category Five:


Thank you GE Aviation Systems of Grand Rapids! Your financial donation and volunteer’s time was key to starting the Red Storm, and you are keeping us strong today.

Wendy Ljungren


Adam Veenendaal

Thank you for your generous donations and time spent with our team!

Category Four:

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Thank you for your generous donations and time spent with our team!

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Thank you for your generous donations and time spent with our team!


Category Three:

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Thank you Savant for the donations to help our team throughout the season!

Thank you for hosting our website, mentoring, and bringing food!




Thank you for all the support from the EKHS staff and facilities!

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Thank you for your generous donations and time spent with our team!

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Thank you for your generous donations and time spent with our team!


Category Two:

 Alro logo

Thank you for donating the plastic for our cover!


Thank you Bond Fluidaire for pneumatic and 80/20 parts at cost!


Thank you for providing free and discounted food for our practices!

Custom Profile Logo

Thank you for the specialized machining and metal!




Thank you for your generous donations!

Thank you Steve Stout for your generous donations and time spent with our team!

Category One:

Red Storm Robotics Friends and Families

Red Storm Summer Sessions

Starting on Thursday June 7th, we will have weekly Robotics Summer Sessions for both FRC and FTC teams, which encompass grades 6 through 12.

These sessions will comprise of skill building sessions, so when the competition seasons begin the student team members can be ready to “hit the ground running” with the tools and skills needed to make it a fun, enjoyable and successful build season.

Come join us at our Build Space in the East Kentwood Freshman campus.  (See the google map for location in the building–it is best to enter the build space from the outside door)

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