Grand Rapids Mini Maker Faire

Once again Red Storm FRC and FTC demoed at the Grand Rapids Mini Maker Faire on August 20th & 21st.  We shown off our 2013 FRC Robot, 2016 FRC Robot and our FTC-sized Summer Session Frisbee robots.  One robot shot Frisbee, another would pick them off the floor and score them into the goal using pneumatics and the 3rd would pick them off of the floor and score them using a motorized arm.

Red Team #6482

IMG_0397Hello and welcome to Team #6482’s shiny new webpage!


Our team consists of

  • Abigail (6th grade)
  • Emily (6th grade)
  • Ibrahim (6th grade)
  • Elizabeth (8th grade)
  • Anna (7th grade)
  • Mary (7th grade)
  • Anderson (6th grade) (Page Editor)
  • Elly (8th grade)
  • Harsha (6th grade)
  • Malachi (7th grade)
  • Evan (7th grade)


Our team’s mentors are:

  • Michael Dombrowski (Parent)
  • Scott Quibell (Parent)
  • Amber Swanson (Mentor)



cropped-KHS-FIRST-Logo-Standard-Sep141.png                                                                                                       -EL