Photo Diary 2011 – 2012


Eagerly waiting for the 2012 game challenge.

Waiting at the kickoff.

Busily planning after the kickoff!


Week One (January 9th-15th):

Initial planning at the first in-season meeting.

Early ideas for the robot.


Week Two (January 16th-22nd):

An early wooden model of the robot.


Week Three (January 23rd-29th):

Hard at work building the robot parts.

Assembling the frame.


Week Four (January 30th-February 5th):

Testing the ball launcher.

The frame is almost complete!


Week 5 (February 6th-February 12th)

The current state of our robot.

The wiring team assembled.

Working with wires.

The robot can’t just build itself!

Working together on the computer.