Western Michigan District Competition at GVSU

At full force, Red Storm came whirling in as rookies! This was the first time many of the students got a first look into the electrifying, ebullient, enthusiastic atmosphere. On Friday, the real heat came. The drive team (which consisted of Kalee, Colin, and drive coach Ishaan), human player (the Great Full Field Tube-thrower Edis), and pit crew (Cody, Almir, Edis, Kayla) positioned the robot on the field. The bell sounded and… nothing. The robot sat. “NO!”

Afterwards, it was discovered that the battery was drained. This was the first lesson we learned: always charge and replace the battery before a match. As the competition continued, the robot easily moved. Then — hallelujah! — the minibot deployed and climbed the pole. “YES!” Our team won the first minibot point and continued to excel. We ranked 11/40 and received the honor of choosing our alliance. In a roulette of faith, we allied with two other rookie teams, forming the ultimate rookie alliance. Unfortunately, the alliance was only able to play two rounds at the finals before it was bested by worthy opponents.

In the end, Team 3875 took home the Highest Rookie Seed Award. What an amazing first FIRST competition for the team! Keeping our hopes high, Red Storm sped towards its next challenge, the Niles District Competition.