FTC Awards at Kentwood FTC Qualifier!!

This past weekend at the Kentwood FTC Qualifier the Red Storm FTC Teams did quite well.

Red Storm Red won the Control Award!

And Red Storm White was nominated for several awards:

  • Finalist for the Motivate Award
  • Finalist for the Promote Award
  • Third place for the Inspire Award

This is the first time that any Red Storm FTC Team or Red Storm FRC Team had placed for the top award (FTC – Inspire, FRC – Chairman’s).  We are very proud of our three FTC teams this year, as each had won various awards.  We wish the Red Storm Blue team the best of luck at the State Competition this coming weekend at Lakeview High School in Battle Creek, Michigan.

The final placement for the various teams in qualification play were:

  • Red Storm Blue ranked the highest by coming in 22nd place.
  • Red Storm Red ranked at 27th place.
  • Red Storm White ranked at 30th place.



Kentwood FTC Qualifier

IMAG1273Once again we’re proud to host a FIRST in Michigan (FiM) District Qualifier.

It will be hosted at East Kentwood Freshman Campus on Dec 9th and 10th.  In previous years we hosted it at Pinewood Middle School, the Freshman Campus is between Pinewood Middle School and the East Kentwood High School.

The address of the Freshman Campus is: 6170 Valley Lane Drive SE, Kentwood, Michigan 49508.

The FiM link can be found here.

Please also consider signing up to be a volunteer to help us run this competition.  Sign up here.

Agenda for the competition can be found here.

Event Info for the competition can be found here.


STEMosphere is coming up this Saturday! We are excited to sponsor the event along with GVSU, and GE Aviation. We will be at the Grand Rapids Public Museum demonstrating our high school robots on the second floor and the middle school scrimmage will be on the third floor. The admission to the event is free but you have to register on the website and there is one day left.

Did I mention that there would be a scrimmage? Well, FTC will be competing with other team’s robots to learn the game play and advance their robots capability.  

If you want to know anymore information about this event you can go to here.


Velocity Vortex

Big Day in Big Rapids

2016 FTC Big Rapids Trophies won by the three Red Storm FTC Teams

2016 FTC Big Rapids Trophies won by the three Red Storm FTC Teams

The three Red Storm FTC Teams had a very good day in Big Rapids FTC Qualifier.

* Highest placement in qualification rounds (2nd place) by Red Storm Red – 6482
* First time as a captain of an alliance – Red Storm Red – 6482
* First time since 2011 that we were on the winning alliance, which qualifies us for the Michigan State Competition) – Red Storm Blue – 10031

Red Storm White – 5292 – Won the Controls Award
Red Storm Red – 6482 – Won the Finalist Alliance Award, and was the 2nd Alliance Captain.
Red Storm Blue – 10031 – Won the event as a pick for the 1st Alliance. They also won the PTC Design Award.

Way to go Red Storm Robotics!

Competitions that we’ll be at

FRC or FTC Event Name Date Location Info
FTC Big Rapids FTC Qualifier November 5th Ferris State University
Big Rapids, MI
FTC STEMosphere November 12th Grand Rapids Public Museum
Grand Rapids, MI
 We’re sponsoring this scrimmage along with GVSU and GE Aviation.
FTC Kentwood FTC Qualifier December 10th East Kentwood Freshman Campus
Kentwood, MI
 We’re hosting this for the second year at the EK Freshman Campus, and will be our fifth year of hosting an FTC Qualifier
FTC FIRST in Michigan FTC State Championship December 16th through 17th Lakeview High School
Battle Creek, MI
FTC Super Regional TBD TBD  
FRC Lakeview District March 2nd through 4th Lakeview High School
Battle Creek, MI
FRC Kentwood District March 30th through April 1st East Kentwood High School
Kentwood, MI
 We are very excited to announce that we are hosting our third FRC competition in the East Kentwood High School Fieldhouse on March 30th (Competition Setup, Robot Inspection & Practice Matches) through April 1st, 2017! We expect an amazing performance from our team this year.
FRC Michigan State Championship April 12th through 15th TBD  
FRC / FTC FIRST Championship April 26th through 29th Edward Jones Dome
St. Louis, MO

Grand Rapids Mini Maker Faire

Once again Red Storm FRC and FTC demoed at the Grand Rapids Mini Maker Faire on August 20th & 21st.  We shown off our 2013 FRC Robot, 2016 FRC Robot and our FTC-sized Summer Session Frisbee robots.  One robot shot Frisbee, another would pick them off the floor and score them into the goal using pneumatics and the 3rd would pick them off of the floor and score them using a motorized arm.

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