Rover Ruckus Kick Off

On September 9th, Red Storm FTC will be meeting at our new build space at 8:20am, and leaving shortly thereafter for GVSU.  There we will have chassis build workshops and watch this year’s challenge streamed across the world at the same time.

We plan on being back to our build space around 3:30pm.

If you haven’t seen the teaser, check it out here:


Global FTC Ranking

Just ran across and they ranked all of the teams that attended Worlds and their overall rank.

Red Storm White is listed in Rank 236 out of the 256 teams that attended Worlds.

FTC Stats also has details for other events, so feel free to check them out.

Also, there are some nice team pages (Kinda like The Blue Alliance for FRC) at  Many thanks to the ChaosMonkeyz 11090 for hosting such a site.

Red Storm White

Red Storm Red

Red Storm Blue

Red Storm Summer Sessions have begun

Once again this summer, we are offering summer sessions for both FRC and FTC teams and interested students who will be in 6th to 12th grades this fall.  Come visit us at East Kentwood High School in Room 206 (West Wing) every Thursday evening from 6:30 pm until 9pm.

FTC Season Summary

Our FTC teams had a good season this year.  We started it off by hosting a Rookie Workshop to help other teams build the base push-bot chassis, which would enable them to have a fully driveable base to use in the season.  We followed it up by hosting a scrimmage at STEMosphere held at the Grand Rapids Public Museum.  This helped other local teams by being able to see the competition field and being able to see other teams robots in action.

This past season our three FIRST Tech Challenge Teams did quite well at their two FIRST in Michigan Qualifiers–including several overall team firsts.

At the Big Rapids FTC Qualifier the Red Storm Red – 6482 earned the highest placement in qualification rounds (2nd place).  They also had the honor of being the first time as a captain of an alliance.  Red Storm Blue – 10031 – was the first time since 2011 that we were on the winning alliance, and qualified them for the Michigan State Competition.  The Blue team also earned the PTC Design Award.  Not to be left out, Red Storm White – 5292 – won the Controls Award.

At the Kentwood FTC Qualifier the three teams performed quite well.  The Red Storm Red – 6482 – team won the Controls Award.  Red Storm White – 5292 – was nominated for several awards: Finalist for the Motivate Award, Finalist for the Promote Award and Third place for the Inspire Award.  This is the first time that any Red Storm FTC Team or Red Storm FRC Team had placed for the top award (FTC – Inspire, FRC – Chairman’s).  

Red Storm Blue – 10031 – went onto the FTC State Competition held at Lakeview High School in Battle Creek, Michigan.  While the team performed well, they didn’t advance to Super Regionals.

We are very proud of our three FTC teams this year.

FTC End of Season Party

On Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017 from 6:30pm to 7:30pm in the East Kentwood High School West Cafeteria (near our build space) we will be hosting a banquet to celebrate the accomplishments of the three Red Storm FTC Teams (5292, 6482 and 10031)

Team Members, Family and Mentors of all of the teams are invited.

Peppino’s Pasta and Salad will be provided. Please bring a dessert, appetizer and/or pop to share with others.

Velocity Vortex

Big Day in Big Rapids

2016 FTC Big Rapids Trophies won by the three Red Storm FTC Teams

2016 FTC Big Rapids Trophies won by the three Red Storm FTC Teams

The three Red Storm FTC Teams had a very good day in Big Rapids FTC Qualifier.

* Highest placement in qualification rounds (2nd place) by Red Storm Red – 6482
* First time as a captain of an alliance – Red Storm Red – 6482
* First time since 2011 that we were on the winning alliance, which qualifies us for the Michigan State Competition) – Red Storm Blue – 10031

Red Storm White – 5292 – Won the Controls Award
Red Storm Red – 6482 – Won the Finalist Alliance Award, and was the 2nd Alliance Captain.
Red Storm Blue – 10031 – Won the event as a pick for the 1st Alliance. They also won the PTC Design Award.

Way to go Red Storm Robotics!

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