How Do You Become a Sponsor?

It is our team’s twelth season,  and we are still in need of donations and sponsorships.  We have many expenses that must be paid in order to complete the robot and compete. There are various ways to help in such a vital time. For instance, your business can donate products or services rather than a monetary contribution. Your generosity will be recognized for supporting the FIRST program.

We value all our sponsors to the highest degree!

Checks should be made payable to: Kentwood Public Schools (with Red Storm Robotics in the memo field).

Mailing Address:
East Kentwood High School
Attention:  Red Storm Robotics
6230 Kalamazoo Ave. SE
Kentwood, MI 49508

Donations may be tax deductible; please contact our team for further information.

What category is YOUR storm?

FRC FTC  Level Awards
Category Five 

$5,000 and above


$1,000 and above

Sponsors will receive all of the below, as well as a LARGE thank you letter and an even larger name or logo on our team shirts.
Category Four 

$2,000 – $4,999


$500 – $999

Sponsors will receive all of the below and a large banner, and their name or logo on the team shirt will be larger .
Category Three 

$500 – $1,999


$200 – $499

Sponsors will receive all of the below and inclusion in the team’s brochures and handouts, as well as their company name or logo on the team shirt.
Category Two 

$100 – $499


$75 – $199

Sponsors will receive the below and have their logo appear on the robot itself.
Category One 

$99 and below


$74 and below

Sponsors will receive a thank-you card from the team and appear on the website with their name and/or logo.