High School FRC Informational Meeting

Greetings Red Storm high school students, parents, and friends,

We will start the high school FIRST robotics sessions on Thursday, September 9 from 6:30-8:00p with an informational meeting at the Red Storm Robotics build site (EK Freshman campus back/north entrance).  This will be an opportunity to learn more about FIRST, Red Storm Robotics, our Fall sessions, and plans for the 2021-2022 RAPID REACTION build/competitions.  We will cap off the event with ice cream sundaes for all!  Please bring face masks for our indoor activities, as per KPS guidelines.

If you are interested in the team, please complete the information form (even if you have been the team before or can/can’t make Thursday’s meeting).

We have our first off-season competition on Sunday, September 19 at Kettering University.  This is a great chance for people who are interested in robotics and robot driving to try their hand at it.  If you have a chance, please have your parents register you for the team #3875 now, so you can join us.

We look forward to seeing you!

Wendy & Adam

Middle school FTC Informational Meeting

Kentwood Middle School Students:

It is almost the start of the middle school robotics season for Red Storm Robotics. Come build robots with us!

There will be an information meeting for students and parents on Thursday August 26th, 6:30pm-8pm at the EK Freshman Campus Robotics Build Space (entrance at the back of the building). This will be an evening of hands-on fun for students, and valuable information about the robotics season for the parents. We will cap off the event with ice cream sundaes for all! Please bring face masks for our indoor activities, as per KPS guidelines.

Can’t make Thursday’s meeting, but still interested? Please email trista.vandervoord@redstormrobotics.com or call 616-901-1095 for further details.

New Build Space Open House

Mark your calendars for Thursday, August 24

We are excited to announce a dedicated space for Kentwood robotics.  In the past, we have shared classroom space with Mr. Smith at EKHS.  We now have a dedicated space at the Freshman Campus that includes a large room for our equipment and meetings, 3 small group workrooms, and storage space.  We would love to have you join us in the dedicating the new space, meeting the next generation of engineering/scientist, and enjoying cake and cookies.

Here’s a QR Code to our Facebook Event, so you can RSVP.  2017 RSR Open House FB Event QR Code

Google Map to the new Build Space:


STEMosphere is coming up this Saturday! We are excited to sponsor the event along with GVSU, and GE Aviation. We will be at the Grand Rapids Public Museum demonstrating our high school robots on the second floor and the middle school scrimmage will be on the third floor. The admission to the event is free but you have to register on the website and there is one day left.

Did I mention that there would be a scrimmage? Well, FTC will be competing with other team’s robots to learn the game play and advance their robots capability.  

If you want to know anymore information about this event you can go to here.


West Michigan Robotics Invitational!

On October 29th our robotics team will being going to Zeeland West High to participate in the West Michigan Robotics Invitational. After getting some practice at the GR girls robotics competition, We are ready and excited to go to the next competition, and will be striving to achieve first place in our next competition. http://www.thehumorcolumnist.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/darth-vader-thumbs-up.jpg