Competition Coming Up!

Red Storm Robotics is hard at work preparing for the upcoming competition at Gull Lake! Root for us on the 11th and 12th of March!

As of now, 3875’s Steel Spider has six different features.
It’s autonomous mode drives backwards for Taxi, intakes, and shoots two balls.
It’s chassis has 6 actively driven wheels, and is very resistant. Due to it’s high torque motors, their robot will not budge if defense is trying to push them.
It’s turret can rotate 270 degrees and take distant shots. It uses auto-align to line up shots and is very accurate. It can also do high hub shots.
It’s intake is powered with pneumatic pistons and quickly picks up cargo using compliant wheels. It is also duel-sided so it can load from both the front and back of the bot.
It’s hopper loads from either intake and uses compliant wheels to quickly take cargo from the intake. Its able to quickly transfer cargo to the turret.
It’s climber uses a telescoping lift and can hang from the middle rung.