2022 Gray Season Recap

With an eventful season, Gray team learned a lot and have a lot more to learn. The Gray team consistent of 9 middle school students. For all of the students, this were their first year with FIRST but that didn’t stop them from having a great season. They had the help of parents and technical mentors and the team ended up with a theme of sharks. In the picture below, the gray team is represented.


With the short time frame that was available to the gray team, they were still able to create a great robot. Gray team is happy to present…..


Robot Abilities

  • 4 wheel tank drive
  • 2 traction wheels in back 
  • 2 omni wheels in front
  • Stationary intake in front that push into box that held freight
  • 3 stage linear lift to dump freight into alliance shipping hub
  • wheel to spin the carousel


This was the event that Red Storm Robotics hosted and it was proven to be a tough event. With it being a week one event and the competition tougher at the event, Gray team would rank 17th out of 30. This was the first time that gray team would see their robot on the field, they would see the flaws in their design. The team would go to average 4 freight total and 3 ducks during the end game but that wouldn’t be enough to make it to the playoffs. Gray team would have a record of 2-3 with having our height match not count which showed in the ranking. Gray team would go on to have a average score per match of 71 and know where they could improve at.


The Gray team made robot improvements and went to the east side of the state to Kettering. The robot would now have encoders on the linear lift and increase the speed of the carousel motor. There was also a servo to help get rid of the dead zones on the intake but with those changes, the robot wasn’t completely dialed in until halfway through the competition. With this event being the week right before states, teams who have competed in previous weeks, came out strong. That didn’t stop Gray team from improving at the event. Gray team would go 3-2 event with some robot hiccups. Gray would go to average 5 freight and 9 ducks at the event which would improve their average score from the last event to 103. Even with that score, Gray would still rank 17th out of 36. The team learned a lot of the two events that they attend, and will take what they learned this season and hit the ground running next season.

Gray team would like to thank all their parent mentors, technical mentors and sponsors for all the help they provided this season. The team would not be able to have such a fun season without the help. Gray team would also like to thank everyone who volunteer at the events that they attend.