Varsity Letter in Robotics

By following the subsequent guidelines, members of the EKHS Red Storm Robotics Team (3875) will be able to earn a Varsity letter and, after the varsity letter is acquired, other awards will follow (i.e. Bronze Pin, Silver Pin, Gold Pin, and Plaque).

In order to earn an incentive, a minimum of 300 points will need to be earned.  The points start over each school year, so point accumulation restarts every June.  If a member earns 2 years worth of points (or more) in one year, he or she will be able to also receive the consecutive awards.  Point have three categories and will be awarded by the team captain.

  • Practices:  At least 100 of the 300 points (or more) earned must be from practices
    • In-season practices*:  1 point per hour of practice actively participating
    • Out of Season Practices*:  2 points per hour of practice actively participating
  • Competition:  At least 45 of the 300 points (or more) earned must be from competition participation
    • Competitions:  30 points per competition
    • Scrimmages:  15 points per scrimmage
  • Team Activities and Leadership:  At least 100 of the 300 points (or more) must be earned from team activities and/or leadership.  Each captain will keep track of points in their area and submit to the head captain and team coach periodically at the end of the season:
    • Head Captain
      • Being a team or sub-team captain (20 points)
      • Outreach* (20 points)
      • Community Service* (20 points)
    • Marketing/Spirit Captain
      • Finding a sponsor* (3, 6, or 10 points depending on level of sponsorship)
      • Organizing scouting (3 points)
      • Being a scout* (2 points)
      • Being the head mascot* for a competition (2 points)
    • Design / Mechanical Captain
      • Completing a CAD design (2 points)
      • Completing a major robot element (4 points)
    • Website/Graphics Captain
      • Winning design idea for the team shirt, logo, or web design (4 points)
    • Wiring/Electrical/Programming/Integration Captain
      • Completing a major robot program that works (4 points)
    • Fabrication Captain
      • Being a driver or a driving coach (20 points)
    • Pit Captain
      • Helping set up the pit (10 points)
      • Being part of the pit crew (20 points)
    • Web Captain
      • Submitting for the web site award (3 points)
      • Winning the web site awards (20 points)

Items with *


Outreach Outreach is when the team goes out and helps out with a FIRST Lego League team, or FIRST Tech Challenge team, or something of that nature.  Outreach can also be defined as activities to recruit new members and fundraisers.
Community Service Community Service is MANDATORY to earn a varsity letter.  Community service is when the team goes out and does something helpful to the community.  At least one activity must be attended.
In-Season Practice A practice between national FIRST kick-off and the competitions
Out-of-Season Practice A Practice Outside of the in-season
Sponsors People or companies that donate money or materials that could be of use to the team.  Sponsors points vary depending on how much is contributed to the team:Under $100 = 3 points

$100-$499 = 6 points

Above $500 = 10 points

Scout Person that assesses teams during the competition, and arranges alliances
Head Mascot The head mascot is responsible for getting the mascot for competitions, watching over the mascot uniform at competitions, and returning the mascot to the Student Council.  He or she also wears the mascot uniform the most; although he or she can allow another team member to wear the suit.

To officially receive a team award, the team member must present his or her growth over the course of his or her journey.  This presentation will be viewed by the team at the end of the season when awards are presented.