Red Storm Robotics

Red Storm Robotics seeks to inspire high-school students in science, technology and leadership while participating in the FIRST Robotics Competition and other hands-on technology programs.


Our Goal is to create a strong sustainable robotics team that will:

  1. Welcome students and make them feel like an important part of the team.
  2. Teach skills in technology, including mechanics, electronics, programming, Computer-aided Design, website building, animation, machining, creativity and other areas related to robotics competitions.
  3. Teach associated skills including marketing, administration, communication, photography, leadership, budgeting, project planning and other areas necessary to run an FRC team.
  4. Allow team members to work with adult mentors in engineering fields
  5. Effectively compete while following the FIRST theme of Gracious Professionalism.
  6. Advance to the state competition.

Team Background

FIRST®  (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) was established in 1989, with the competitive season initiating in 1992. FIRST uses robotics as a “varsity sport for the mind” to engage students in science and technology.

In December 2010, FIRST of Michigan asked East Kentwood High School (EKHS) and GE
Aviation to establish a FIRST Robotics team.

The Red Storm Robotics Team 3875 at EKHS was formed in January 2011, and immediately
began the 2011 FIRST Robotics build season. The 2011 challenge was “LogoMotion”. East Kentwood members built a robot for the purpose of picking up tubes and placing them on racks. Students from the Crestwood and Pinewood Middle School’s FIRST Lego League teams built a “mini-bot” that deployed from the main robot and raced to the top of a tall pole. The mini-bot was fundamental to achieving the “Top Rookie Seed” award at the West Michigan district competition held at Grand Valley State University. Red Storm Robotics also competed at the Niles district competition. The team did well enough to earn an invitation to compete at the state championship. Due to significant financial cost, and over-lap with EKHS Spring break, the team chose not to participate.

The second year was Rebound Rumble where the robot shot basketballs, and then balanced on the bridge during the end-game.  The team used a welded frame and drive system, which made the robot very maneuverable.  The team made it to the quarter-finals at the new Gull Lake competition, and also competed at West Michigan.

The 2013 competition was Ultimate Ascent, which combined Frisbee shooting and pyramid climbing.   This was the first year we had students with middle school FLL and FTC experience transition to the team.  The team quickly converged on a strategy and initial design.  The team made it to the elimination rounds at Gull Lake, and also competed at West Michigan.

The team looks forward to the 2014 season.  This is the first season where we have over half the team with FLL, FTC, or FRC experience.  We are also had a good experience at the October 2013 West Michigan Regional Invitational where we were part of the second place alliance.

Handbook Purpose

This handbook is to help guide the team members and team mentors on what is expected, and how the team works together.

What inspires you, EK?

You can view the Team handbook here.