Team Organization and Responsibilities

Head Coach

The head coach is responsible for ensure this handbook is known and followed by team members (students and adults).  In the case of dispute, the head coach is the ultimate decision maker.

Student Captains

The student team members will be led by student captains.  The captains will work closely with the head coach, student team leaders, and mentors to meet the Red Storm Robotics mission.


Red Storm students will be organized into a series of work groups according to meet team needs. Each team will be led by one or two student leaders.

Below is a list of possible teams, which may exist during the season and their responsibilities

Drive-train / Fabrication / Testing

  • Responsible for selecting a drive-train design that matches the team’s primary strategies.
  • Also responsible for the integration of all components of the robot, and must communicate with the other sub-teams.
  • Will design the drive-train, and chassis in CAD, select and design wheels, and procure the needed parts and materials.
  • Should interact with the all sub-team to determine the placement of components.
  • Maintains and organize the shop tools and equipment
  • Builds and assembles the competition robot as specified by the Design team.  Will interface with Controls, Design and CAD teams on any changes and updates to the robot design.
  • Responsible for acquiring parts, tools and materials needed for the robot construction, except for control electronics

Design / Mechanical

  • Responsible for designing any arm, gripper, manipulator, or other mechanism that will be used to play the game.
  • Will design the mechanism(s) in CAD, select and procure parts
  • Will be responsible for interfacing with the Controls team and communicate the needs for the robot mechanisms. Creates detailed drawings of the robot as specified by the design team
  • Works closely with Drive train and Fabrication in testing the viability of design ideas in the process of developing a robot that performs the desired functions and meets size and weight requirements.
  • Responsible for updating the drawings as changes are made to the robot design

Programming / Controls

  • Responsible for designing a computer program that instructs the robot to accomplish the functions of the robot as specified by the design team.
  • Works with the design team on determining best implementation of autonomous modes

Wiring / Electrical / Integration

  • Responsible for acquiring parts, tools and materials needed for control electronics system
  • Works with Fabrication on laying out the electrical subsystem.
  • Implements all sensor needs and communicate with Fabrication on installation of sensors.

Marketing / Spirit

  • Raise funds for the team
  • Develop and maintain relationships with our sponsors
  • Work with the Web/Graphics team on updating the website
  • Build and maintain a directory of contacts and sponsors
  • Communicate with the public and with our sponsors about team activities
  • Designs for team buttons, apparel and other gear
  • Host fun team and inter-team activities
  • Chairman’s Award submission (essays and presentation)
  • Prepare and distribute the team’s Mission and Vision statements
  • Provide leadership at the competitions in team cheering, dancing and encouragement

Web / Graphics

  • Responsible for Web site updates (calendar, pictures, events, document progress, etc.), and submission for web site awards
  • Determine submissions/criteria for other awards: Woodie Flowers Award, Technical, etc. and help team achieve them
  • Work with Marketing team on projects

Drive Team

The Drive Team operates the robot and represents the team on the field of play at competitions.  The Drive Team is in addition to any sub-team role. The positions are Driver, Navigator, Human Player, and Drive Coach, and will be selected by the coaching staff before attending competitions. During the build season, team members will need to try out for these positions.

The following elements are considered by the coach in the selection of the drive team:

  • Participation in practices
  • Availability for upcoming practice time and competitions
  • Teamwork Skills, especially teachability, listening skills and verbal communication skills
  • Robot and game-piece handling skills
  • Knowledge and understanding of game rules
  • Involvement and success in other team operations
  • Grace under fire
  • Sense of humility

Team Mentors

Team mentors are adults that help the team achieve its goals through training and assistance throughout the year. Mentors are usually split into two types; Engineering and non-engineering, although mentors may help with both.

Engineering mentors provide training and assistance to students with design, fabrication, programming and other technical areas of the robots. Non-engineering mentors help with team business, marketing, animation, web page design, fundraising, team organization, etc.

The Mentoring goal is to get the students doing as much of the work as possible.  To do this, mentors need to be able to assess the student’s abilities and adjust their instruction and participation to that level. They need to be able to communicate how to do things. They also have to resist the urge to do, especially during the build when deadlines can create pressure.

Mentorship Requirements

  • Be registered as a FIRST volunteer
  • Complete an EKHS background check
  • Be approved by the Coaches.
  • Display kindness, patience & professionalism
  • Follow all Safety rules and guidelines of Red Storm Robotics and FIRST.

Parent Participation

Parent participation is a key part of the Robotics team.  Parental support is what is needed to keep the team running. The team will need parents at competitions and other events. The team may also need parental support for team meals (see Family Brings a Meal). To ask questions or to volunteer to help the team, please contact the coaches.