Team Operations

Funding & Costs

Funding for this program is mainly through sponsorship and fundraisers. The Marketing Team and Marketing Mentor are responsible for securing funds for the team, but all team members will be involved in the process. Red Storm robotics strives to build relationships within the business, engineering and education communities.

For 2014, GE Aviation Systems is a primary team sponsor.

Student Fees

Students shall pay a team participation fee of $50 or provide 4 team snacks.  Financial assistance is available for those unable to pay.  Please contact the team coach.

Team Communication

Team communication will be handled via a number of different means, including but not limited to:

  • Email
  • Telephone/cell phones
  • Remind101 for team text
  • The team website at
  • The team’s Facebook group called “Red Storm Robotics Team EKHS”!/groups/redstormrobotics/ .  While this is a closed group, meaning only invited members can read posts, etc., remember, digital is forever!  What may seem like a funny thing to post today may haunt you in future university and employment applications.  Therefore, the expectation is that if you can’t show it to your parents or the school administration, then don’t post it.