Team Members

Student Eligibility:

Team members should be students at East Kentwood High School (EKHS).  Coaches and captains may allow participation of student residents of Kentwood or the Kentwood Middle Schools.

Success is an important part of FIRST and the team.  It is not restricted to the robot, game performance, or how many trophies the team is awarded. Team members are successful only when they succeed in the classroom, and then participate in team activities. All team members are expected to make schoolwork and individual academic performance a priority and meet standards set by their parents and EKHS.

Students shall complete schoolwork before participating in team work sessions and activities. Any student member of the team that is struggling with schoolwork can seek help. The team will have resources available to help students with schoolwork.

Team Member Participation

FIRST Robotics is a team sport.  It takes every member participating and doing their best during the build season.

  • Prior to the build season, team members are expected to participate in at least one team training/planning session a week starting in October.
  • During build session (January – March), team members are expected to participate at least 8 hours a week (and encouraged to participate in every session).
  • Members’ roles in competitions will be determined in part by their participation level during the Build Season.
    • Pre-competition, members of the Drive team will continue a significant level of activity.  The other sub-teams will meet at least weekly, and as needed to prepare for the competition.
  • Team members must participate in at least 20 practices during the build systems in order to be considered for competition travel (see Qualifications for Attending Competitions).

The Team Rules

  • Be respectful of yourself and others
  • Complete tasks assigned to you on time
  • Sign in on the attendance sheet at every practice
  • Be careful not to harm yourself, others, or equipment
  • Keep up your grades and balance your schedule
  • Register under STIMS for participation in competitions each year
  • Stay up to date with the team e-mails and/or Facebook group
  • Follow the handbook

Team Member Conduct

As a member of the Red Storm Robotics Team (Team 3875), it is expected for the member to maintain a positive attitude, expand his or her mind and the mind of others, and to stay dedicated to the team. Members are also expected to always keep safety in mind along with the team rules.

All members of the team are expected to exhibit exemplary behavior and act as role models for their peers and other team members. Team members will be in the public eye both on and off the playing field. Knowing this, you must conduct yourself accordingly. The actions of a team member are a direct reflection of themselves, their team, their school or corporate sponsor, and family.

It is expected that team members comply with the EKHS Code of Conduct, and the following:

  • Show respect for all team members, both students and mentors, at all times.
  • During work and training meetings, members are expected to be contributing to the assigned tasks. Anyone consistently off-task will be asked to leave.
  • Any person intentionally not following safety procedures will lose the privilege of using that equipment.
  • The Build Season can be very stressful.  Team members must monitor frustration levels (their own and others) and do their best to avoid angry reactions.
  • No drugs or alcohol of any kind is permitted.
  • Team members should follow the adult mentor guidance.
  • Follow FIRST’s standard of Gracious Professionalism.
  • Students shall read and understand all the rules of the competition. Understand our team’s robot and competition strategy.  Ask for help! If you don’t know what is going on or are unsure how to accomplish a task assigned to you, ask for help.
  • At the end of the day, students are required to help clean up. If a student needs to leave early he/she should clean up their area and then ask an adult what else they should cleanup before leaving. Students may not wander the building or leave the premises without permission.


Team members are expected to show respect to everyone. Students, please remember that all of the adults are volunteers and are not receiving any pay to be part of the team. Please respect and thank them for this commitment!!

Consequences of Negative Student Involvement

Examples of negative student involvement are:

□    Disruptive behavior                                             □     Rule violations

□    Constant distractions                                           □     Lack of Consistent Attendance

□    Talking during meetings / presentations

Depending on the severity and seriousness of a behavior issue, the team member may be given a verbal warning, put on probation or dropped from the team.  In all cases, the situation is expected to be rectified in a timely manner to the satisfaction of the coaching staff.

Students and adult volunteers are expected to report any and all behavior issues to the head coach, who will make entries into a log book for documentation.

The head coach will recognize that unique situations may arise, and will apply the team guidelines at his or discretion.


In the event that a relationship develops or is ongoing, there are certain guidelines that must be adhered to at all times when engaged in team activities local and away. Handholding, hugging, kissing, and other expressions of affection are prohibited at all times. The couple must also travel in a group at all times. Couples may not wander off or sit alone. In other words, they should not appear as a couple, but as part of the team. Common sense should prevail at all times.

The head coach is responsible for seeing that the team understands and adheres to these guidelines, and the adult volunteers are all responsible to see that students follow them.