Qualifications for Attending Competitions

To be able to participate in local, regional and national competitions as well as special team events, students must exhibit a fair level of team involvement. Just coming to meetings is not enough.  Factors for competition participants include:

  • Keep up grades and attendance at school (no exceptions)
  • Exhibit appropriate behavior at all times. This includes behavior within the classroom and school as well as at competitions or events.
  • Complete and return all paperwork.
  • Have no more than two unexcused absences from team meetings. If you cannot attend a team meeting you need to notify the head coach prior to the meeting!
  • Obtaining personal goals and objectives
  • Maintaining positive productivity which moves toward team goals
  • Helping with team fundraising activities
  • Undertaking leadership roles such as peer-mentors and student leaders
  • Undertaking responsibilities and following through with them
  • Development of listening skills
  • Participate with a positive attitude.
  • Help in shop clean-up or otherwise equivalent work (must be agreed upon by mentors) and dinner clean-ups.
  • Have your family to provide at least one team meal during the season. Feel free to work with other families and partner in putting on meals.

If you or your family is unable to meet any of these requirements please speak with the Head Coach or Assistant Coach.

Expectations at Competitions

  • Team members are expected to wear their team jersey, un-modified, at all times when at team events.
  • Team members traveling with the team to competitions are expected to participate at all times with a positive manner while on the trip.
  • During any overnight trips, team members will follow curfew and room assignments and will need approval for any activities outside of the team schedule. No team member should leave the activity area without permission.
  • Team members are expected to cheer and do whatever is necessary to help the team be successful.
  • Team member are expected to wear team uniforms with respect and pride in what they represent. Good Sportsmanship consists of respect for others and cooperation with teachers, coaches, teammates, and officials.
  • Team members will participate in intelligence gathering and strategy meetings.

Note: The team is not responsible for lost or stolen items while traveling.

Uniform for Competition

Your uniform is the shirt supplied by Red Storm Robotics.  Any other apparel will not be suitable, and you will be asked to change or excuse yourself from the team area. The uniform that we wear is an important part of our image, our school and our sponsors. You will be required to wear it at all team competitions and public team events. You will also be responsible to keep it clean and in good condition. No changes or alterations should be made to this uniform.

2013 Pre-season Events

We have the opportunity to use our 2013 robots in pre-season events.  These events help us continue to learn about FIRST, robotics, and how to work together as a team.




West Michigan Robotics Invitational October 26 Zeeland West High School (Received “Gracious Professionalism” award)

2013 Events/Competitions

We plan to participate in the following events:




Parent Meeting January 2 East Kentwood High School, room 204A
Kick-off & Strategy Development January 4 Grand Valley State University (GVSU) downtown campus Eberhard center
West Michigan Practice Scrimmage February 15 Code Red, 921 47th Street, Wyoming
West Michigan District March 20-22 Grand Valley State University (GVSU), Allendale campus
St. Joseph District March 27 – 29 St. Joseph High School, 2521 Stadium Drive. St. Joseph
Michigan Regional/State April 10 – 12 Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI