The 2011-2012 season was our team’s second year, and like the first, it was frequently hectic. Nonetheless, after a long period of work, we were ready for our two competitions. Our first competition was at Niles High School in Niles, Michigan. Our team did not perform as well as it could have at this competition, but we still tried our best, and had a large turnout of team members to support the drivers, builders, and other workers. Our second competition of the season was at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan.

The game for the year was “Rebound Rumble”, primarily based on basketball. The game required the robots to pick up and launch foam basketballs into four different targets, first in a 15-second “hybrid” (similar to autonomous) period and then for two minutes under driver control. Different hoops were at different heights, and awarded different numbers of points as well. In the middle of the playing field were three tilting-platform bridges that allowed robots to cross between sides, as well as score extra points at the end of the match by balancing on top of these bridges, with more points awarded for each robot that managed to fit. At the end, all points were tallied up to determine the winning alliance of three teams, and special “Coopertition points” were awarded in the qualifying rounds if robots from both teams managed to balance on the middle bridge.

2012 Competitions

March 2nd-3rd: Gull Lake District at Gull Lake High School

March 16th-17th: West Michigan District at GVSU Allendale Campus

April 12th-14th: State Finals at Eastern Michigan University